2019 WPPD Official Statement



Once again, on June 21st, people from the four directions (around the world) will join us in prayer - whether from a mosque, a church, a temple or a natural sacred site. For over twenty years, we have had the support of all nations coming together to prayer for these challenging times we are in.  We are so thankful of all the prayers that have been offered all over the world, with lighting of their sacred fires to the four directions of sacred sites. People of prayer and healing have been doing their best to pray with one another at these sacred sites, to unite spiritually, and globally to create an energy shift to heal a battered Mother Earth.


This year, I would like to bring attention to Fort Ancient in Ohio, who are sponsoring a WPPD event and will also be protected under the National Historic Preservation act.


We must remember, no matter what is going on with negative influences of others, that we must keep a good mind respecting all nations, and consciously stand in prayer.


The white animals have been showing themselves, which we cannot continue to ignore. Therefore the Young - the future generations have been stepping forward, because they know that what they are inheriting is not giving them a chance to live in good health.  We must stand with the youth, and realize our responsibility to see the 7 generations to come.


We all rely on the spirit of Mother Earth, of her waters and lands, along with all living beings, many who are in a place great urgency, because all things are connected. More people need to open their minds to this reality and help by step forward to take their place in that Hoop of Understanding, so we can all move toward this awakening.


As always, we must walk toward mending the sacred hoop of life - where there is no ending or beginning.


Hec’el onipikte (we shall live),

Nac’a (Chief) Arvol  Looking Horse

19th generation keeper of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle




World Peace & Prayer Day 2019

Ft. Ancient, Oregonia, Ohio




June 17th

    Members of the Seneca Tribe canoe in on Ohio River


June 18th

    Who we Are

The ceremonial fire is lit. All attending spiritual leader and other organizational leaders identify themselves and share stories of what challenges they are facing and what their groups are doing to create a better world.  "Water Connects Us All, Hands Across the River" actions along the Ohio River.


June 19th

    Our Cultural Richness

All of the Indigenous nations that will be there will present on their culture and tradition, as well as speak on some of the contemporary issues they are dealing with.


June 20th

    Our Prophecies

Elders from Indigenous cultures and faith traditions share prophecies relevant to our times.


June 21st

    Honoring the Sacred in Prayer




Attending this year....

Cupiit Yurartet is an Alaska Native Cup'ik/Yup'ik dance group. Linda, Lee, Daniel, Asa, and Buz Daney are founding members who have participated with World Peace and Prayer Day since 1996.  CY received blessing from five Alaska Native Elders and the Dena’ina Native Village of Eklutna to keep traditional song and dances alive. They recently performed for the second time at the 2019 Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, Hawaii.


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