Videos can be sent through



Hours for 18th - 20th  will be 4pm - 8pm UTC... (10am - 2pm MT). The 21st is 4pm UTC - until?


When doing your interview whether on your phone or professional:

1. Make sure there is no background noise.

2. Good lighting

3. Keep steady when filming (use Tripod

4.  Depending on your location film in landscape on phone.


when you send you video please add the following which will be used as lower third in the video:


Title, (such as tribe, Origin, ect.)

Location (or traditional lands, territory)



Myron Dewey


Digital Smoke Signals


As for sending up to 30 min of video, use which provides 5gigs free.  It’s important to know, recording from your phone is best and also you will need good internet speed to upload large files.  For any technical questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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